How to Beat The Living Failures in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

 How to Beat The Living Failures in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne is famous for the best and toughest Boss Fights and they have maintained the same with the new Bloodborne expansion: The Old Hunters. Every enemy/boss in Bloodborne has a typical fighting pattern and you must crack that in order to emerge victoriously. With the help of this Old Hunter Guide, you can easily defeat The Boss Living Failures in no time.

The Living Failures

How to Beat the Living Failures

Before heading towards any battle you must be prepared especially for this battle with the Living Failures because whenever you enter any Boss Fight you are warned, but with this the battle simply begins and you cannot back out. The Boss Living Failures is similar to Celestial Emissary boss fight where each monster you fight becomes more powerful. The Battle will start as you open the double doors at the top of the Research Hall so let’s start with the prepped first.

You must have your Arcane Damage Resistance and Physical Resistance upgraded to the max level in your current progress to performing a perfect and a quick defense and attack. The Living Failures ejects various spells like the forward blast, meteor assault and many more. To fight against such powerful enemies at once you need to have Fire Papers to draw some heavy damage. If you don’t have it then simply increase your physical attack to dodge the attacks.

Boss Fight: The Living Failures

Now that you are prepared for taking the Boss lets focus on the strategy, here you must mainly focus on the defense where dodging the attacks will help you last longer then attacking. The Plan here is to dodge hit and roll. Firstly let the first enemy attack then dodge it, attack with maximum hits then roll to the next enemy. Remember to avoid the Arcane spells and the white orbs since they are easy to dodge, but if they hit you then they do provide a good amount of damage.

Once you have done 50% of the damage the enemies will start with the Charge Arcane meteor storm and when they raise their hands to charge and the sky goes dark run away to the Volleys nearby and wait till the sky turns back to normal. Once the attack is over continue with the main strategy of dodging hitting and rolling until they are brought down to the last 20% of their health.

Noe when the Fight is on the verge to end no more enemies will spawn and this is your best chance to emerge victorious by taking the remaining enemies down. Thus the End of The Living Failures. If you have any doubts or have anything to add then do let us know in the comments below.