How to Boost your FPS in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is now available and players are still struggling with the FPS issue. To Run any game smoothly, you must have two things – a High-End PC and Error free Game. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster have certain issues which will be fixed in the next patch. Till then you can try this method to boost your FPS.

How to Boost your FPS

How to Boost FPS

We know the game Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is still lagging after few fixes, but this temporary method will help you Boost your FPS and play a little smoother than before. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the FPS Boost.

Step 1:

Open the Game Folder(C:/Users/user(name)/AppData/Local/CAPCOM/Resident Evil 0 HD remaster/)

Step 2:

Open the File Config.ini

Note: If you don’t find it then make sure you have the use the Show hidden files, folders, disks option

Step 3:

Change the Following lines

  • framerate = variableness

Step 4:

Save the file

Step 5:

Run the game and Enjoy.

It’s Done. Now the only thing left is changing the in-game setting for texture and Shadows that will be as per your PC requirements. So Go ahead and Enjoy the FPS Boost.