How to Build Weapon and Armor Forge in Fallout 4 Contraption DLC Guide


Bethesda launched the Contraption DLC for Fallout soon after E3 2016. The Contraption Workshop DLC is all about Building machines, conveyer belts, scaffolding kits, complex gadgets and much more to improve the Wasteland Settlements. This Guide will show you how to built the best Weapon and Armor Forge in Fallout 4 to start your own weapons and armors rather than hunting in the wasteland.

How to Build Weapon and Armor Forge

How to Build Weapon and Armor Forge

Most of the players do not require the Weapon Forge to craft weapons, but what if you equip every settler in your settlement with weapons and armors? There are various tricks to create the machinery and one of the simplest ways as we had shown in this Build Ammunition Plant Guide.

You must First Select the Weapon or Armor Forge from the 10 other types of Builder found inside Workshop Menu > Manufacturing > Machinery. The Requirement for Weapon Forge is Gut Nut Rank 1 Perk and for Armor Forge is Armorer Rank 1 while the resources to built Weapon and Armor Forge are the same.

  • Circuitry x2
  • Gear x3
  • Rubber x4
  • Steel x10

Now the Forge is ready so it’s time to built the Conveyor Belt(Power > Manufacturing > Miscellaneous) to transport the ammo from the plant to Conveyor Storage which holds them. If you don’t want to make it more complex then try connecting the Conveyor Storage directly to the Forge if your production is limited. The Conveyor Storage requires:

  • Steel x8
  • Screw x1
  • Rubber x2
  • Gear x1

After Done selecting which Conveyor Belt and Storage to place now you are ready to Power it up which requires either a fusion Generator giving you a good power or Built one large and one Medium generator. Remember that Weapon Forge requires 13 Power to run while Armor Forge requires only 12. Connect them to a Terminal which should be close to the Generator and the machinery.

Connect the Wires then run the Generator, activate the Terminal and select which type of Armor or weapon you want to produce then add the required components. Your Production should have started(if you’ve done correctly), go ahead and built come more machinery. Also, check out the Contraption Cheat Codes to spawn new items. If you have built something unique then do let us know in the comments below.