How to buy Destiny Weapons and Armors from Faction for PlayStation and Xbox

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Destiny is one of the popular games now by Activision, the company which also publishes blockbuster franchises like the Call of Duty, Skylanders and World of Warcraft. Destiny sold over $500 million into retail on day one, making it the best-selling new video game of all time according to publisher Activision. And we are here to give you some tips and tricks that will help you in this game.


How to buy Destiny Weapons and Armors from Faction


You must earn Reputation for a particular Faction to purchase Weapons and Armours From one of the three Faction. To buy them you need money and Crucible Marks are used as the actual currency.

Vanguard and Crucible Reputation are earned by the players until you join a Faction and when you do join a Faction all of the Vanguard and Crucible Reputation that you have earned will be converted into Reputation of the Faction that you have chosen, assuming they’re wearing that Faction’s Cloak, Badge or Bond.

Crucible Marks

Crucible Marks is the currency that you will need to buy Weapons and Armors from your Faction. You can earn them by competing in the Crucible, known as PVP (player-vesus-player).


Players must Wear their Hunter Cloak, Titan Badge or Warlock Bond in order to earn Reputation for their Chosen Faction. You must be wearing that item in order to convert Vanguard Reputation into Reputation of your Faction. You can purchase them from your Faction’s Representative in the tower.

This was the simplest way to to buy Destiny Weapons and Armors from Faction. Tell us in the comment sections, were you successful in buying Destiny Weapons and Armors from Faction.