How to Change Playstation 3 from an AV cord to an HDMI cord

Looking for details and step by which you can Change or Switch Playstation 3 from AV cord to HDMI cord. We will tell you how you can this. First let me tell you what advantage you will get by switching Playstation 3 from AV cord to HDMI cord, User of PlayStation 3 will be getting the best and high quality video experience for your playstation 3 by switching from an AV cord to HDMI cord, which make your gameplay experience more fascinating.

Follow the step listed below for switching Playstation 3 from AV cord to HDMI cord:

Step 1:

You have to check two thing in your television, first thing is that its consist of and HDMI slot or hook up. if your television consist of this HDMI slot or hook up than properly disconnect your AV cord and than connect the HDMI cord to your television make sure you do this properly, Second thing you have to check is that you tuning your T.V to right channel for getting yourself best video quality.

Done with connecting and checking your television and focus on PlayStation 3

Step 2:

Keep your Playstation 3 on to a Stand by mode but first check that you had not left Playstation 3 accessories like movies or games because if you left it in your console you are most likely to face a problem and this change of AV cord to HDMI cord not work

Step 3:

Now the next step in this is setting the resolution, most like your playstation 3 will automatically determine it. The video game unit will ask to that if you want to have Highest Resolution give your reply in YES.

Above are the only step you need to follow for switching your PlayStation 3 from AV cord to HDMI cord. if this doesn’t work try to repeat the above steps again still didn’t get successful write to us what problem you are facing we will help you in getting that resolve.