How to Change the Camera Angle and Tweak Camera Settings in XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is one of the best strategy game where every level you need to cross the limits in order to survive from the awful aliens. The player will take control of XCOM forces and must eliminate the alien occupation, but these aliens are far too smart and ready to defeat us. This XCOM 2 guide will show you how to Change the Camera Angle and remain undetected from the aliens.

How to Change the Camera Angle and Tweak Camera Settings

The game mechanics are designed in a way where you are going to use your close soldiers so do not get affected by it. If you are not focused then the game will throw you into worst situations sometimes like your best range shot will end up delivering an only minimal amount of damage or the car next to you blow up. So Before making any Move, you must see around and then make your plan. So Here is how you will manipulate your Camera.

How to Change the Camera Angle

The Changing of camera angle will help you avoid triggering the alien attention. If you are about to make your climb on the roof then simply scroll your MMB(Middle Mouse Button) wheel and move the camera angle with WASD keys. To Lean and watch you can use Q or E the side you want to peep. Now that you have learned how to play with the camera angle you can test it yourself on the Battlefield.

How to Tweak Camera Settings

If you want the Floaty experience from the Previous XCOM game then you must try tweaking into the camera settings. The previous camera zoom out helps you to locate the pawns easily with flexible rotation. In order to make the changes in the camera manually then follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\

Step 2:

Backup the ‘DefaultCamera.ini‘ File before making any changes.

Step 3:

Open the File with any Text editor(Notepad)

Step 4:

Now you have to make the Following changes in order to Get a free flow camera

  • MaximumInterpolationDistancePerSecond=1500
  • LocationInterpolationRampUpDuration=0.5
    • (The above settings will make your camera scrolling more smooth)
  • MaximumInterpolationRotationPerSecond=235
  • RotationInterpolationRampUpDuration=0.5
    • (The above settings will make your camera’s rotation slow to detect all the objects)
  • MaximumInterpolationZoomPerSecond=1.5
  • ZoomInterpolationRampUpDuration=0.3
  • ZoomedDistanceFromCursor=4200
  • DistanceFromCursor=2000
    • (The above settings will make your camera’s zoom in and out easy)

Step 5:

Save the File and Run the Game. Enjoy the Free Flow Camera.

Step 6:

If anything goes wrong then just replace the backup file and try one by one changes.

Bonus Backup

You can download this patch file and directly paste it into your Folder.