How to Change Weather and Call Reinforcement with Fireworks – Fallout 4 Contraption Workshop DLC Guide

At E3 2016, Bethesda had Announced 3 Fallout 4 DLC of which – Contraption Workshop was released on 21st June. The Contraption is all about the Workshop Tools that players can explore and build settlements with the help of new items added. This DLC features Conveyor belts, Scaffolding Kits, logic gates, Elevators, Fireworks and much more. The Fireworks here play an important role here as they can be used to change the Weather or Call Reinforcement.

How to Change Weather and Call Reinforcement

How to Change Weather and Call Reinforcement with Fireworks

Did you know that Weather Modification using the rockets is a Real World Technology? Yes, It does and it’s called Cloud seeding which Fallout takes it to the next level. There are players who are going to use this feature as a plus point to clear sky or which every weather they want, but there are some who will definitely be messing around.

In order to Use the Weather change and Call Reinforcement feature, you must install a Firework Mortar which can be loaded with firework shells. If you want to change the terminal then try accessing the Terminal connected to the same power grid. You need to Craft various Firework Shells at Chemistry Station or try using the Pyrotechnics Mill Builder. Here is the list of Items you can get at Chemistry Station:

  • To Call the Reinforcement:
    • Emergency Flare Shell
  • Weather Change Shell:
    • Clear Sky
    • Radstorm
    • Rain
  • Fireworks Shell:
    • Palm Gold
    • Palm Silver
    • Peony Blue
    • Peony Green
    • Peony Pink
    • Peony Red
    • Peony Yellow

Once you have the Shells ready Head towards the Mortar and Enjoy the Fireworks. Here is a Short Video Demo for changing the Weather and Calling the Reinforcement in the DLC. Do watch our Fallout 4 DLC Wiki Guide, to know more about the game.