How to Complete Both Confronting the Bomb-Maker and The Heist – Mankind Divided Tweak

After Mission 10, Nomad Stanek will contact and asks us to travel to Prekazka to save his daughter which is Mission 11 – Confronting the Bomb-Maker. When you get down to the railway station, Alex will call and ask you to loot Palisade bank immediately before the Versalife clears it all which is Mission 12 – The Heist. You need to choose and attempt only one, but with this tweak guide, you can attempt both to get the Orchid Cure and Signal Jammer.

How to Complete Both Mission 11 and 12

How to Complete Both Mission 11 and 12

As per the game story, you can only attempt one mission and other will automatically fail, thus changing the ending consequences. One of the Reddit User has found a way to exploit and complete both the mission to get the Orchid Cure and Signal Jammer at the end. In order to complete both missions, you need to complete the Allison Mission first avoiding Alex’s conversation triggering. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the tweak guide.

Note: You require Icarus Dash to complete the Mission

Confronting The Bomb Maker

No Matter which side you choose to complete(Mission) to help in the railway station, head directly to the Church where Nomad is waiting for us. Get inside and walk back towards the courtyard with yellow and black power generators. Have a look at the image below for exact location. Climb the generator pile to the platform where you see the barrel. Make your way to the third-floor ledge of the church then turn around.

The Jump continues where you must use the Icarus Dash to teleport to an inaccessible generator. Continue climbing onto the roof of the orange building behind the generator pile, try to aim to get the ledge vaulting option. This is risky as you might directly fall down to death or trapped between the walls. Here is the perfect position to jump.

From the top of the Orange Building, make your way towards the roof of the Church to meet Allison directly. Keep walking along the edge then jumping to the second tier roof ledge. As you are about to reach the second tier roof over the Church interior, you’ll find the stairwells which are invisible but entirely covered with a hidden bounding box so you can safely walk over them without falling.

Walk above the Stairwell(hidden platform)next to the wooden roof to know which room you exactly want to enter. Get close to the edge of the wooden roof just above the bedroom then turn your back to the edge. As you try to fall you’ll end up facing the bedroom. Get ready to Icarus Dash – walk backward and a split second after you start falling quickly tap your Icarus Dash button.

If you time correctly you will enter a small ledge facing an invisible wall outside the bedroom. Again try the Icarus Dash and fall next to the sleeping bag. Save the game and continue your way to meet Allison Stanek in her room then go ahead and open the Main Door to trigger the cutscene. This will completely avoid Alex Vega contacting us for informing the Mission 12 Failure. Talk to her, get the Signal Jammer then quickly get to Prague and complete The Heist Mission normally to get the Orchid Cure.

And this is how you can exploit both the missions. Check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.