How to complete Destiny The Dark Below Story Mission The Undying Mind for PlayStation

 How to complete Destiny The Dark Below Story Mission The Undying Mind for PlayStation

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The Undying Mind is the mission for Destiny The Dark Below DLC available exclusively for PS3 and PS4 platforms. The mission takes you to Mars, you have to slay an evil Undying Mind. There will be Vex forces for the security of the Undying Mind. Along with the Vex there will be standard Goblins, sniper Hobgoblins, the Harpy and also the tank-like Minotaurs. There will be a three member fire team of yours. Following are some tips to complete the Undying Mind mission successfully.


How to complete Destiny The Dark Below Story Mission The Undying Mind

Target Weaknesses

The Vex forces have lights on some parts of their bodies. These lights indicate the weaknesses of the forces. Target them and exploit the Vex forces. You can use weapons like the Sniper Rifle from distances. Hit the perfect spot to give damage.


In this DLC the Titans have great value and also Defender subclass is important. Using the Super Ability that transforms Void Light in an endurable shield for protection of your team and also the Ward of Dawn. The shield has a recharge time of 4 minutes. This is much important in the battle with the boss- the Undying Mind.

Avoid Grouping

As you go on fighting don’t crew up. Be nearby to your team mates, at a distance where you can answer the call for help. But do not be side by side. You three must keep your focus on different places. Try to be in an U Shaped formation so that at least one of you may cross path with the Undying Mind and get his location.

The Undying Mind

Use Void

The Vex forces are defenseless to the Void damages. The Void attacks will destroy their shields. But the shields of Hydra and the Undying Mind are unbreakable. So attack them from the gaps between their defenses.

Weapon Swiping

Swiping your weapon is very much important as different Vex need to be dealt with different weapons. The Harpy unlike others is not vulnerable to Void Damage, use Arc Damage against him.

Final Battle- The Undying Mind

At the end of the Strike you will face the biggest evil, The Undying Mind. He is guarded by Hydra, it turns the one who is threatening him. So at a point only one team mate will hit him at his weakness. The Dying Mind sends groups of Vex forces to distract your team. Keep them out of your way and attack the Undying Mind as soon as you get the opportunity. This will help completing the Strike.

Watch the The Undying Mind Gameplay Below: