How to Complete GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist : Weed

GTA Online

Divide your four players into 2 groups to complete the GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist : Weed. There will be one group which will be a Gun Team and other will be Ground Team, select your team wisely according to the skills of your members.


The task of the ground team is to go inside the saw-mill by Paleto Bay and get the shipment where as gun team will cover the ground team while completing the task.

When you reach the Paleto Forest you will get some more details from the contractor. Be ready with sniper rifles or anything with a long range. When you kill all the enemies one team should get Benson and other team should steal the Technical.

You have a time limit to complete this mission so be quick, while on your way back too. As you need to reach within the given time to the contractor’s warehouse with Bensons.