How To Complete King’s Fall Raid In Destiny: The Taken King

 How To Complete King’s Fall Raid In Destiny: The Taken King

King’s Fall is finally available for Destiny: The Taken King. Bungie has kept us waiting a few days after The Taken King’s release for this raid, but here we are and here you have our guide that will show you how to complete King’s Fall. In case of problems, this is the best solution for you not to lose to much time. Let’s take a look at the simple steps you have to approach in order to complete it.

Destiny: The Taken King Fall Raid Guide

Step 1:

Pick up the orbs and place them in the first statue at the same time. Two more will spawn, one to the far left and one to the far right.

Send two people or more to retrieve the orbs on both sides and brought back to the middle. Barriers will try and slow you down for the non-orb carriers to destroy them. Then, the orbs have to be placed in the next statue at the same time. Rinse and repeat for the total of six statues. You have progressively less and less time each iteration.

Jump from ship to ship to reach the other side. Two Guardians must stay behind to shut down the forcefield, one on each plate on left and right. When the other four Guardians are across, two Guardians can step on those plates, left and right, and allow the remaining two Guardians to board the Hive ship and come across.

Step 2:

Split into two groups of three with even light levels across each group. One group goes left, one group goes right. It’s fine to leave two people in middle. Each side picks up a buff that shields anyone inside it from the constant damage in the side rooms. This lasts for 30 seconds: the person that just lost the protective bubble will receive 10 stacks of Deathsinger’s Power.

This person needs to run to the middle, and stand on the center plate until all their stacks are gone. Then, they need to return to their side. After a few iterations of this, the door will be fully charged and will open.

Step 3:

To activate the plates: once the Major Knights die, the corresponding plate is activated. There are three Knights, one for each plate: the Knights seem to spawn on a timer.

The Glyph Sequence is random and changes every wipe. The next plate in the sequence will be highlighted behind the corresponding tombstone with a red pillar of light.

Brand of the Initiate is a buff that grants you and your allies in close proximity the ability to damage the boss, which expires in 10 seconds. Killing adds resets the countdown timer: if the timer reaches zero, you die,

To survive the Oculus you have to be in the shadow of one of the tombstones: any tombstones being used will be removed after this phase. Important: your fireteam must share one tombstone or you will not beat the soft enrage.


The entire fireteam has to be at the door with the candles to proceed. After six deaths, all fireteam members are blinded and the fireteam wipes.

The orbs in the ceiling drop a pool that buffs damage against the boss by 10x: shooting his back critical spot gets his gaze for 15 seconds, while failing to obtain his gaze spawns more adds. The key strategy is to separate the raid into two groups, two distractors and four damagers.

Ir Anuk Sisters

Board the platforms one at a time starting to the left of the spark in the sky going counter clockwise. Four teammates have to stay on the platforms while the shadow teammate collects the sparks and then face the black sister and lowers her shields.

Everyone gets inside the shadow teammate’s shield and does damage to the sister, but do not kill her: kill adds and return to the platforms again boarding them starting from the left of the spark one by one in a counter clockwise pattern. Slam dunk the other sister and repeat this two times until both sisters are dead.


Wait for Oryx to slam a platform. Post up on side of a platform and take out as much damage on catty-corner Lighteater Ogre and each Lighteater Ogre in your own corner, then jump down and have defender pop a protective sphere in dead center of map. Here you have to take out Emblem Knight.

As soon as he staggers back, have four guardians go explode the bombs generated by the dead ogres: as soon as he drops away, start a circular run around any of the platforms to avoid light blast from Oryx.

After the second round of doing this, your crew will be warped into an alternate dimension where you have to kill a Shade of Oryx Ultra. As soon as you beat him, you will warp back and need to start up next cycle.

Make sure to keep generating lots of orbs for Defender and Void Bow Ultra Attacks, and make sure you are at least LL 295 or greater. Also make sure you don’t jump in the middle channel a lot, since there are Tomb Ships that phase in and can one-shot you by hitting you.

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