How to complete Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pokemon Evolution, Advanced Defensive Strategies and more, Tips guide

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is the 4th generation game in the Pokemon Series. The RPG is developed for Nintendo 3DS platform Pokemon. This guide gives you tricks for winning at Hoenn region. The player explores this region in the advanced stages of the game. The Pokemon, player gets in the beginning are Torchic, Treecko or Mudkip in the Hoenn Region.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

How to complete Pokemon Evolution, Advanced Defensive Strategies and more

Defensive Strategies

The best way to win is to play in the defensive manner. You can use the moves that will boost your stats. Increase your defense by using the barriers and the harden moves against the Pokemon using direct physical attacks.

Use the status effecting moves, this will turn the battle in your favor. Use status like- Confusion, Poison, Paralyze or Burn. this will stop the opponent Pokemon from making the next move. You can give him more damage. The opponent may change his gaming strategy, which may prove helpful to you.

Moves and Pokemon Stats

It is important to understand the moves of your Pokemon according to its stats. The physical stats determine the moves of your Pokemon. the basic Pokemon stats are Speed, HP, Defense, Attack, Special Attack and Special Defense. Different moves are based on different stats.

For eg. attack depends on attack stats, while defense depends on defense stats and so on. The increasing Pokemon level may change his stats according to his nature, the same stats will not continue in every next level. Train each of your Pokemon according to its stats.

Pokemon Evolution

The player gets many Pokemon through the Pokemon Evolution. Lots of Pokemon evolve from some other Pokemon. All are not available in the wild of the Pokemon Universe. Always keep your Pokedex filled to help Professor Birch which is done through Pokemon evolution.

The Pokemon evolved are stronger than the previous ones. Their stats increase as their level rises up. But some moves are to be taught to them before they evolve.

Pokemon Mega Evolutions

The Mega Evolutions are restricted with limited number of Pokemon. It can be done by Mega Stone for the specific Pokemon. If you find one you can give it to the Pokemon during the battle. So that it can Mega Evolve. The Mega Evolve can be used by only one Pokemon in your team. Having a Mega Evolved Pokemon will turn the battle in your favor.