How to complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife

Aim for the stars above.

Image via Candywriters

The weekend has arrived, and in BItLife, another challenge is available for you to complete. This challenge is called the Rising Star challenge, and you’ll have to put your skills to the test to see if you can hit stardom and become a noteworthy person on film. This guide covers how to complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife.

All Rising Star challenge tasks in BitLife

You will need to complete four tasks to finish the Rising Star challenge.

  • Become a famous porn star
  • Be famous for 10+ years
  • Land a leading role in a film
  • Receive a Bitcademy Award for a leading role

Before making a character, we recommend having one with the special acting talent. This will make the third and four tasks much easier.

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The first task is pretty straightforward. You will need to become a famous porn star. You can do this by landing a role as a porn writer. You can find it after completing high school. We recommend having high looks, which will be extremely useful throughout this challenge. After you land the porn writer role, you will eventually become a famous porn star, and it can take a few years to achieve it.

Next, you’ll need to land a lead acting role. You can do this by selecting the Special Careers tab in Occupation and selecting the acting path. From here, you will need to audition for some of the starting roles in television and movie careers. You’ll want to focus on many entry-level positions, at first, before eventually trying to land a leading role in a movie. Again, it might help to have a talent agent to assist you.

Now, you’ll eventually need to achieve a Bitcademy Award. This has the chance to happen at the end of a year, but only if your movie achieves enough success. Of course, this will depend on the script, the production, and the quality of the director. However, if everything lines up, your character as a leading role should land it fairly handily, so long as you select movies with a high-quality script.

Throughout this process, your character should achieve enough fame to remain famous for at least 10 years. Of course, this is a byproduct of being in these roles, so thinking about staying famous will likely be an afterthought.

Once you’ve done all that, you will have completed the Rising Stars challenge.