How to Connect Console to a PC Monitor

Connecting your gaming console to your PC monitor is not a hectic task as it sound. The guide below gives you the step by step procedure about connecting your gaming console to your computer monitor.


  • Any Game Console
  • VGA to RCA convertor
  • Computer Monitor

Step 1: First of all check whether your computer monitor consist of VGA input or not which is mostly in blue color consisting of three rows of pins.

Step 2: For market get a VGA to RCA convertor box. It is easily available in the market.

Step 3: Connect the RCA cables that is Refd, White and Yellow into the VGA to RCA convertor box and plug in VGA

Step 4:
VGA to RCA convertor box consist of multiple inputs just check that you have plug in all the cable in under the same number.

Step 5: Activate the RCA to VGA connection by pressing the corresponding button associated to it and switch ON the monitor.