How to connect PS VITA to PS3 for Remote Play

With the launch of Sony’s latest handheld PS VITA, the remote play feature of old generation handheld got a massive revamp. Sony added many new feature and impressive features for fans to enjoy. To enjoy Remote Play feature, the first thing PS VITA owners need to do is connect it with Playstation 3. Below we have step by step guide that gives complete detail on How to Connect PS VITA with PS3 for Remote Play.

PS VITA and PS3 connectionCheck it out, and if you need any more help let us know in the comment section below.

Step 1:

  • On PS VITA, navigate to Remote Play application

Step 2:

  • On PS3, navigate to Settings -> Remote Play Setting -> Register Device and select PS VITA.

Step 3:

  • PS3 will give you an activation code, now all you need to do is enter this activation code on your PS VITA.

Step 4:

  • After the completion of code registration process, navigate to Settings -> Network -> Remote Play on PS3. You will be asked to select your network type, choose the correct network type option and your PS VITA will connect to your PS3.

After successful connection, you will be able to view and navigate your PS3 screen on PS VITA.

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