How To Create Best And Powerful Spells In FFXV Comrades

Spells in Final Fantasy XV Comrades play a vital role in the game. A Player can create new spells by getting into the Elemancy System quite early in the game. Making spells is easy but making the best one can make you sweat a bit. For example: for Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga you will need to have a higher level of Potency and some rare items as well to get the best from the Fire, Ice and Lightning elements. You will also need an Empty Magic Flask. In this Final Fantasy XV Comrades guide, we have got you cover on Best Spells And How To Create Them.

FFXV Best Powerful Spells How To Create

How To Create Powerful Spells – Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga

How to Make a Spell

  • Step 1. Get to the Main Menu
  • Step 2. Then go to Elemancy in order to create spell
  • Step 3. Select the empty Magic Flask.
  • Step 4. Chose your element that you want to make your spell, of.
  • Step 5. Then add that complete 99 elements in the craft.
  • Step 6. Now select the special item that you want to make the spell with.

Here you can combine the Magics and the increase item to create a new spell. You will even be able to upgrade your Fira, Bizzara, etc with the help of these combinations of various magics and items.

Note: After you have unlocked few spells from the level system you will no longer need to us all the 99 units of the single element. You will only need some of the element and the special item.

Sad to say but everyones favorite spell such as the Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder completely depends on the Potency section while creating the spell. As you progress in the game and reach to the Potency of 100, you will be able to upgrade these Spells.

The type of spells, such as Fire, Fira or Firaga, totally dependent on the Potency section when creating a spell. The base of these spells is less the 100 Potency. Once you reach 100 Potency, the spells are upgraded to the next level – Fira, Blizzaga, and Thundaga. You are able to use other elements to boost the Potency a little higher.

Like for Example to Create Firaga Spell (Requirements listed below)

  • Need: 99 Fire
  • Create: Fira x 3 – Potency 129

In order to increase the Potency adding 60 Lightning will increase it to 163 Potency. Adding any more magic will create another spell. After this make use of the lower circle to add the Special item to it. The more rare item you add the better Potency you will get. In my case, I added Giant Hoof and my Potency increased to 205 making it a Firaga Spell.

You will have to follow the same process to create Blizzaga and Thundaga. In order to reach 200 Potency, there are many other items available, making use of them you can create many different effects.

How to Create Other Damaging Spells

In-Order to make more heavy damaging spells you will have to make use of those items that will add Dualcast, Tricast, Quadcast and Quintcast to your attacks. Making use of these cast powers, you will be able to use this spells with a higher power of 5 Times.

Example – Quintcast buff

A Quintcast buff can be achieved by adding Magitek Booster, which will help you to cast the Fire, Fira or Firaga 5 Times more powerful and deadly. These Magitek boosters can be easily found at the troops or the ships as a drop after you progress through the story.

Note: Wisely use your spell as it may even affect your allies.

That’s all for this guide on How to Create more powerful Spells in FFXV Comrades. Try creating one and let us know how was the experience in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates. Till then do Refer to our Where To Find Crafting And Remodeling Weapons Materials Location.