How to Create Super Smash Bros. Characters for 3DS and Nintendo Wii U


With plenty of new faces and in addition of character creation and customization Feature, Nintendo gives you a new series of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Already released on 3DS its yet to release on Wii U.

The Character Creation mode in 3DS and Wii U allows you to create both new Mii Fighters and customize existing Characters. The Mii Fighters can be created with special Headgear and Outfits. You can customize it with Equipments, Special Moves, and Smash Run Powers.

Super Smash Bros.

How to use Equipments to Create Super Smash Bros. Characters

With three item slots to every Super Smash Brothers Character, Players can use one piece of Equipment in each of these slots to change the Characters abilities by Custom Parts. Effect of the Equipment can be seen in the Attack, Defense and Speed rating of a player.

These items generally increases one attributes while on the other hand decreases another one too.You can find and unlock these items by playing in different modes like Smash run, Classic, etc.

Here are some kinds of Equipments:

Max Power Gloves

Attack: +179

Defense: -50

High Speed Dash Shoes

Attack: -31

Speed: +74

Special: High Speed Dash

Easy Split Second Shield Overalls

Defense: +66

Speed: -21

Special: Easy Perfect Shield

How to use Special Attack Customization in Super Smash Bros.:

Every special attack of the smash brothers can be customizable by Custom Parts

Basic Smash Brothers Character have four Special Attacks:

  • Up Special
  • Down Special
  • Side Special
  • Neutral Special

Twelve variant Special Attack available per Character because of this a character can select additional 1 or 2 attacks by using the custom parts. Instead of variant attacks some characters develop completely different attacking styles by using the Custom Specials. For all those Characters specials list check out our Custom Special Page.

How to use MII Fighter Custom Parts in Super Smash Bros.:

Mii Fighter Custom Parts gives new look to your Mii Fighters through the addition of Headgear and Outfits

Other than appearance there will be no change in the Mii Fighters. There is no other use of the Headgear and Outfit other than giving Mii Swordfighters and Mii Gunners different looking weapons.

While headgear and outfits do not change the Mii Fighters in any way besides appearance, changing outfits do give Mii Swordfighters and Mii Gunners different looking weapons based on their outfit.