How to Defeat the Chimera Beast in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

 How to Defeat the Chimera Beast in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is now available on PC and it has the same mechanics as it had on the consoles. Players get their basic tutorials from the start, but being an Action game the environment remains challenging throughout the gameplay. This Guide will show you the trick to defeating Chimera beast with no sweat.

How to Defeat the Chimera Beast

For a Beginners, the game manages to act like the player has the complete control over it, but as soon as your are ready and used to the controls and combat the game will throw some dangerous creatures to fight against. Chimera is one of the creatures which we need to defeat after few bunch of Goblins.

How to Defeat Chimera

Chimera is a Beast with parts of different animals. This Beast Has one body and three head consists of – Lion, Goat and Snake. The beast is very powerful with its quick reflexes, vicious attacks, and the poison from the snake. Every Head has its own form of attack, but the good thing is that the complete beast is weak against Fire. In order to Beast such a Fantastic beast, you must plan first and act smart rather than rushing to hit first.

Every Head of this Chimera Beast has unique attack so it’s better to know every Head’s weakness, just like the Lion’s weakness is more to magic in comparison to the other two heads, whereas the goat is susceptible to physical attacks. The Snake’s Poison can provide tons of damage if you act careless. The Goat’s head totally relies on magic as it is located on the back of the Body. He can attack the ‘Thundershock, Sopor’ putting you to sleep and leaving open to the Lion’s attacks, and Frigor is an hits with huge spires of ice.

You are now familiar with every head’s weakness and attacks so it’s time ot act smart and get the Hell out of this beast. To defeat this creepy beast, you must follow this process of cutting down the heads. First take the Snake then go for Goat and last but not the least is The Lion. Let’s take it one by one, for Snake, you must grab onto the back of the Chimera and hack away until you see snake falling.

Once the Snake is down go for the Goat, just make sure you don’t sleep in the middle of the battle with his attacks. Lastly, the Lion’s head which is actually the tricky one, you must spam the help button throughout the attack this will help you attack and heal at the same time. Climb up and take that one little beast with ease. Get used to such battles as there are many more waiting for you.