How to Defeat the KrugerSec Enemies in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith Connors will be encountering various enemies throughout her run in the Glass City. There are 5 types of KrugerSec Guards you will be facing and as you progress in the game the Guards will get stronger. This article will show you the different ways to defeat the KrugerSec guards in the game.

How to Defeat the KrugerSec Enemies

How to Defeat the KrugerSec Enemies

There will be a time when you will be facing multiple guards at a time for example both the Melee and Range guards are attacking at once and as you progress the number will increase so we decided to show you the weakness for each Guard and how can you defeat them without any issue. Here are the KrugerSec Guards you’ll be facing.


These are the weakest guards of them all and mostly found patrolling on the terrace. These Guards are not even trained and can be used to practice your new moves, as they are using basic melee attacks. The Fastest way to get them is by Slide or Knockback.


One step Stronger than Guardians are the Protector and they have luckily got their training done. They can not only block your attacks but also they can attack you with a baton. If you want to defeat these guards you must use the Traversal attacks and dodge all their attacks with Combat Shift or stun them with other combats.


Guards like Enforcer are the one you should be a little worried about as they can easily drain your health to zero. Tough Guards with KA-5 Assault Rifle which fire quick burst. These are the long range guards so you must have your focus shield ready to block them otherwise you are dead.

If you are already busy with other guards then they won’t shoot you, but as your done try to roll over to avoid the attacks. Put your Focus Shield up and dodge all the damage until you get close and then stun them with sliding attacks.

Shock Protector

An Upgrade to the Protectors and a strong enemy you will come across in the game. These Guards are well equipped with shock gauntlets that are used to take down nearby Enemies. The only way to take this guard down continuously moves and maneuver to deal with the damage.


The Toughest of the all the KrugerSec Guards in the game. They are master of melee attacks and so they are quick and very perfect with their moves. If you are not careful enough then they will take you down with ease so all you need to focus is how to Stun them then use the Maneuvers to deal with them. Remember roll back when they are attacking as they are very quick.

These were all about the Enemies you will be facing in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you have any trouble with the guards or locating the collectible then do check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game.