How to do Destiny Farming for Maximum Reputation, Tips and Tricks for PlayStation and Xbox

Destiny Alpha Screen Day Time

Destiny, many people talks about the farming in it. Everyone is looking for them, new and better place. This guide is about the Reputation Farming method. Read this guide for faster way of reputation farming method for all the faction.

Team work:

Work as a team, the split cosmodrome into 3 parts. Let each member take a location and stay spread out to cover the area as much as possible. The Skywatch, the Mothyards/Steppes, The Divide/Rocketyard are the location.

VIP protection:

The location for the VIP spawn is Rocketyard & Skywatch. See to it that you never abandon VIP and kill Everything that patrols. The one who are not near the objective can be left alone. you have to communicate about the kill cause the spawn petrol are not always near the actual VIP.


Particular members job:

Let one member complete the objective and the others let them farm their respective area in a triangulate position. You must only abandon the stubborn ones or the ones who have nobody near them, to quickly do and then can be replaced.


If you need marks you can allow the players to do nearby public events, but keep an eye on the other players doing the event, they can cut your numbers in a big way by soloing them slowly.


Communication is very important and you have to improve it for rep/hour numbers. You can know when to abandon patrol for more accessible one and locate the objects faster than before.