How To Dominate In PUBG From Start To End [Tips And Strategies]

PUBG Karakin map

The last man standing game battle royale game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can be tough if you have a weak strategy. Well, it is not really important to learn everything, to know every in-game item, a lot of thing you will understand by playing. What matters is, to begin with, the right strategy that can take towards your win. If you are randomly running to pick the best weapon you will find getting frequently shot by others. The game gets competitive as the circle shrinks, more and more players with weapons gets in close range. So in this guide, you will find the strategies to follow at the beginning, them in the mid and in the end.

PUBG Game Strategies

Early Game Strategy And Tips – How To Dominate In PUBG

As you jump from the plane pick a landing point, avoid getting near to other players hunt down for an isolated point where you can land. If possible you have to find a drop and land near or on it. Finding items at the beginning of the game is the best thing to do. It is not possible to get real quality loot at the start, but if you are manage to get that you have less competition. PUBG has no fix point for quality loots, you try the military buildings if possible. Finding a vehicle in your landing zone will also help a lot.

While flying down scan the sky, see the locations of other players landing zone. This will give you an insight of that particular direction where others have landed and you can spot them pretty easily. You can also control your direction and speed of landing. You must focus more on the getting a weapon than hunting for other items. Avoid early fights at all cost, get a weapons and then gears that will help you to survive.

Whenever you enter a building at the start, always close the door. It will help you to stay alert, anyone who will enter will have to pass through the door and you can easily spot the person. So always shut the door. The player who is behind you will not be alerted if he/she doesn’t found the door opened. Many players follow the open door’s path to locate others trails.

Once the first circle appears in the game, you have to note down the danger zones. This is the place you have to avoid at all cost. By staying out of danger zone you will have to face less people, the circle will shrink, so you have to spot the safe zones and move towards the location.

Mid Game Strategy And Tips – How To Dominate In PUBG

If you had gone through the first part, where you got safely landed, founded a weapon and gears. Along with this, you are also able to know the danger zones and the circle has started shrinking. This means you had successfully crossed the start part of the game. Now comes the mid which is the most challenging and difficult to survive. That’s because the circle will shrink and it will force people to get the most secure position by killing others.

At this point, you have to find a building where you can hide and play a defensive game. Try not to stay at one place, you have to shift your location to avoid encounters. Try to reach the building first and get a position that not only gives you cover, but also a good view of incoming players. Getting a building in the safe zone means you have an edge over others.

Keep a vehicle parked near the building, there will be players who will try to acquire it, you can shot them down. The vehicle will help you to cross path without getting killed in the faster way, even when you are attacked. If your path has a lot of enemies then you cannot go on foot. You will need a good vehicle with few consumable to restore your health.

Always leave early don’t wait fo the circle to shrink, this is a good game strategy. You can spot a players position through vehicle voices, so be alert. Finding a point matters a lot in this mid-gam like you will be crossing villages, bridges, etc. Reaching the supply crate is also crucial part, for upgrades. You have to note down the flight path, this will help you to plan your movements. You must have enough meds for restoring health and view of surrounding. If you are able to survive this you will be reaching the end part.

End Game Strategy – How To Dominate In PUBG

Now you reach the final phase of the game where few players will be left, around 15 to 20. This is the place where your gaming skill matters. You should focus more on survival here, if you are attack you must find a safe point to avoid much damage. You have to focus to stay in the last 10 left players.

Final fights are not predictable, so at this point, you will have to be very active. Each killed opponent means les challenge, there is maximum chance that other players will expose themselves. Do not try to kill them if you are hidden. Stay there until you are spotted. Let other fight and notice their positions.

You have to kill maximum person how so that you can secure your position. If you spot someone it is one you whether to kill him and wait back. There will be a lot of fire shots around. Try getting head shots, at all cost, this will cause opponents maximum damage. Try to ambush them from behind, and if you are unable to kill try to hide somewhere.

At this part you will also know the final point where the circle will usually end, you can plan to reach the point in advance instead of waiting for the circle to shrink. At this point knowing what is the surrounding matters a lot, is there a house or water or flat terrain. You can reach there and play a defensive game. Try to think and act.

Hope the above tips will help you in all stages of the game, you can share the best strategy you are using in PUBG in the comments section below.