How to download and play Flash games

Web based Flash games are now million in number and many gamers play it online as they get wide range of choice to make and play your favourite flash game. But what will you do if you want to play your favourite flash game and you didn’t have internet connection, you still can play it but for this you just need to download that flash game on to your computer. How you can do this is explain to you in the following detail.

Step 1: First of all you need to have a Flash Player Application install we reccommend you a Adobe Flash Player 10. if you don’t have Flash Player install first download and install it.

Step 2: Go to and search for your favourite flash game and click on link of the game, when you click on the link you will be navigated to flash game page.

Step 3: Now keep patient and allow your game to get fully loaded, as it finish loading right click and choose option View Page Info from many available option.

Step 4: Now you will see a Page Info pane from there select Media tab.

Step 5: Now from the window that appear search for address of the flash game, the address will be ending with SWF(extension) mostly this will be the very first. Search for it and correctly and select it.

Step 6: Now right click and choose the option “Save As” for saving the .SWF file to your computer. Provide the destination and folder were you want save the file.

Step 7: Now test your game whether it is working properly or not by closing all the window you open and disconnecting your internet and running the Flash game you downloaded.

If you game work run properly than it done otherwise try repeating the above step again from start.