How to Download Free Nintendo DS Games

Looking for the ways by which you can download free Nintendo DS games for yourself, we will tell you how this is possible for you. You can download for yourself a free Nintendo DS games from the internet. But this free Nintendo DS games will be just the back up of the original copies of the game you posses and they are called as ROMs. For runnig this ROMs your require a special type of emulator which is available for free.

Now below are the step which will tell you how you can download free Nintendo DS games

Step 1:

First you need to download the ROM file from the provider.

Step 2:

Now download the emulator for this ROM file which is available free of cost just search on the google search engine you will definitely get it.

Step 3:

Run the emulator which you have downloaded and then click on the FIle option and then on the Open option, Browse the ROM file which you have downloaded and double click on it. Emulator will automatically open the games for you to play it.