How to download Netflix Instant Streaming on PS4 and Nintendo Wii

Netflix is an American provider of Internet streaming available for various regions of the world. It offers a collection of over 100,000 titles and has more than 10 million subscribers according to Wikipedia.


Here is a step by step guide to Download Netflix Instant Streaming from Nintendo Wii Shop Channel.

Step 1

From the Wii menu select the Wii Shop Channel and tap ‘Start’

Step 2

If you have never accessed the Wii Shop Channel, you willbe asked to read and agree to the User Agreement. A wizard will appear which will guide you to Club Nintendo account to your Wii Shop account, if you have the Membership already, enter your User Name and Password and select ‘Link.’

If you do not have the Membership, leave those field blank and select ‘Do not link.’

Step 3

Select ‘Start Shopping’

Step 4

Select Wii Channels > Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii > Free 0 Wii Points

Step 5

Now choose the desired download location from either ‘Wii System Memory’ or an ‘SD Card’

Step 6

The select ok and yes to start download. A nice a animated Mario will start the download process. After the completion of download process Netflix icon will appear in the Wii menu.

Here is a step by step guide to Download Netflix Instant Streaming from the PSN

After connecting to PSN follow these steps to Download Netflix

Step 1

Select TV & Video from the Home screen and press down on the d-pad

Step 2

Select Netflix from the list and press X

Step 3

Select Download and press X to start the download

Step 4

Press the PS Button if you wish to return to the TV & Video screen. After finishing download it will automatically install Netflix and you will receive the notification.

To delete Netflix go to Options and select delete.