How to Earn $18,000 Every 40 Seconds in Watch Dogs 2 Farming Money Trick

Just a day before we shared 4 Best Ways To Make Fast Money in Watch Dogs 2 which helps a lot of players to understand and know about the game and their tricks. Even if you are playing a role of a hacker in the game these tricks kinda take a little too longer than expected. So here is the best trick so far in Watch Dogs 2 where you can earn up to $18,000 Every 40 Seconds.

How to Earn 8,000 Every 40 Seconds

How to Earn $18,000 Every 40 Seconds

We tried to Collect Money Bags, Selling the stolen Items and Stealing from Civilians, but one of the Youtube Channel had cracked the trick to literally farm Money by stealing from the same person over and over. So here are the Steps you need to perform in order to earn $18,000 Every 40 Seconds.

Note: The Time will differ as per your console’s speed for loading Watch Dogs 2 screen.

Step 1:

Launch the Main operation ‘Eye For An Eye

Step 2:

Reach the Fifth Step to trigger the Sub-Mission ‘A Real Dog Fight

Step 3:

Once you reach the Elevator(Check Video below), head inside the hack the Camera

Step 4:

Look for Carlos Pablo(Gang Leader) and Loot his Money

Step 5:

Go to Game Options and Restart the Last Checkpoint

Step 6:

Repeat until your Satisfied

This was all about the Fastest Money tricks. You can check our Watch Dogs 2 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectible and hidden secret locations and much more.