How to earn more Caps in Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, Caps are represented as your currency/money. In the beginning, you are provided with some caps for getting started but later you need caps to build, upgrade the facilities, removing rocks and even for expanding rooms. So to earn more caps here is the guide which will help you fetch the caps faster and easy in Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter

There are different ways to earn caps in Fallout Shelter.

Send dwellers out into the Wasteland:

One of the Best and profitable way to earn caps is by sending the dwellers in the wasteland. You should always send dwellers with high level and properly equipped. As they start exploring further and further, they will be exposed to the enemies of the wasteland and they will be awarded Experience, weapons, armor, and caps.

The Dweller with higher Luck(SPECIAL) will explore much faster and can gain more caps. Less than 50 caps will be explored within First hour and will get 1000+ caps after eight hours and beyond to exploration. Collect your Caps once they reach your vault door.

Hint: You can recall your dweller anytime(Takes half time of the return)

Sell Extra Equipments:

In the beginning, you always suit-up your dweller with as much armor and weapons as possible. And as the dweller explores in the wasteland you find over and above loots, so you need to sell the extra equipment to earn the caps easily.

To Sell, the equipment Click on Storage Inventory and Select the unequipped gear which you need to remove/sell. After selecting click on the Red>C icon. The item will be replaced with the caps you sold it for. Not much caps can be rack up, but different inventory can help you out.

Rush the production Rooms:

The Power Station, Water Treatment Station, Cafeteria, Medbay, and Science Lab are the rooms which can produce substantial resources. You can try Rushing these rooms to earn more caps and experience.

To Rush any room tap on the room you want and Select “Rush”. This will show you the chances of causing an incident during the rush. Incident might cause the room with Fire or Redroaches. A number of caps depend on the risk of the successful rush, Higher the risk more the caps you will earn. So, you will earn net 25 caps for a successful rush with 25% of the risk. The percentage of risk will award you same amount of caps.

Collect Resources:

If Rushing is riskier then go slow and collect the caps after the resources are completed producing(power, food, water, stimpaks, radaways). Collecting the resources sometimes will extract additional caps excluding the resources.

Completing objectives:

At any given time, you will have at least 3 objectives to complete. To check the current objectives go to Pip-Boy menu and select the ribbon(Second icon). Most of the objectives award you caps. So focus on these objectives and Higher the difficulty higher the reward(caps).

If you don’t want a specific objective then you can remove it one in 24 hours. To delete an objective then Tap on ‘X’ next to the objective. As you remove an objective it will be replaced with a new one.

Open Lunchboxes:

With the experience points the dweller all gain caps according to the levels. For example, Dweller with level 5 will award 5 caps and level 40 dweller will award 40 caps and so on.. Higher-leveled dwellers are profitable. So everytime you see the Green icon ‘Lvl Up’ for a dweller then Tap them gain the caps.

Note: The Non-Production rooms like Radio Studio or Living Quarters do not earn experience so the dweller working there also will not be able to level up.

Sell Rooms:

Last option when you’re short of caps then you can also earn them by selling your rooms. To sell a room Click on the upgrade button on the right. Select Destroy along with cap amount and its done. Merged and upgraded rooms sell for more than their single non-upgraded counterparts, but not enough to make up the extra cost of building and upgrading those rooms.

Hint: For elevators, it’s just a green X.

Hope this guide was useful and if you have any doubts you can shoot them in comments below.