How to Earn Steel in For Honor

In the For Honor, Steel is one of the important resources that can be used to unlock several things in the game. If you can gather up some good amount of steel while playing through the game, you can unlock new Feats or new Heroes etc in the game. The following guide shows how to earn steel in the game.

How To Earn Steel in For Honor:

There are many different ways you can use to earn the Steel. You can earn the Steel while playing in the Story Mode. In order to find some steel along with new emblem and Material etc, keep on breaking the objects like bunch of pots with white line.

You can earn some steel when you play in the multiplayer match. Go to the multiplayer world map and press the L1 button or Left Bumper to see the window of orders menu. This Orders Menu consist a list of Daily Orders and Contract Orders.

Daily order changes every day, completing these orders rewards you with some steel. Contract orders can also often reward you with some decent amount of steel if you complete the order. You can also purchase the packs of steel as DLC with real world money.