How To Easily Get 3500 Steel And Unlock 7 Out Of 9 Unlockable Characters – For Honor

A very easy and smart way has been discovered in For Honor which allows players to unlock at least 7 out of the 9 unlockable characters. To unlock them all players will have to do is spend some extra time in the tutorial of For Honor.

For Honor Steel Unlock

According to the details revealed by Reddit user HonouinKyouma1, if players play all the way through the tutorial and complete the advanced tutorial in For Honor, he/she will receive a 3500 steel as a reward for it. Now here is what you guys can do with this 3500 Steel: you can easily recruit/unlock 7 out of the 9 unlocked characters, or buy three days of Champion status and unlock 3 characters.

This is a very neat for the beginners of For Honor. So once again I am telling you If you have just purchased For Honor then do the tutorial AND the advanced tutorial for a total of 3500 free steel.

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