How to Evolve into Heroes, Survive Better, Extra Gems and more in Gods Rush

Based on the Greek Mythology of the Pandora’s Box the new role playing game is developed by The player has a goal of saving the world and lead the team of the Gods, monsters and heroes to the glory.

The game is developed for the iOS and Android platforms. The game combines the tactical combat with the classic RPG elements. Read here the tips and tricks for the Gods Rush the action packed game.

Gods Rush

Evolving the Heroes:

Evolving the Hero needs you to fill all the six equipments slots. It is much simpler than Ascending your Hero which needs same hero shards. Sweep the older stages to find the equipment needed. Specially sweep the Elite stages as they have rare equipments. The rare equipments are helpful to evolve heroes which are already evolved many times before.


There are different springs like Aphrodite?s spring, Zeus spring etc. They help you to get free items. Zeus Spring helps to earn rare shards. Aphrodite?s spring must be picked up every 48 hours. Every 10th Aphrodite?s spring will give you a free Hero guaranteed. Other such spring will earn you different other articles like bag items, hero shards, etc.


You’ll not survive if whole of your team dies or the time limit is crossed. To survive in a difficult stage go to the other difficulty groups – normal or elite this will earn you experience points and other items. You can also go to the last stage or even the Arena Trials.


Gems are the in game currency. You need to go to the in-app purchase store and click the icon of “free gem” at the upper right corner of the screen. The TapJoy offer wall will open. View all the videos and use all the free offers. This will help in earning more gems.

Characters and Team building:

To build a strong team upgrade each of your team member to make them powerful. There are many characters to unlock but do rush to unlock them all. To level up the character you must feed them with different items in your pack, like Wisdom Potions. The Wisdom Potions are the basic items that will level up your team member and can be earned by battling as well as sweeping. You can also use your sweeping tokens in the levels you have already won.