How to Farm 450 plus EXP in Five Night At Freddy’s World

In Five Night At Freddy’s World, you need to grow stronger with the characters you choose to play with. To level them up you need to gain experience and that can be obtained by various activities. This guide will help you earn more than 200 EXP every time you fight in Five Night At Freddy’s World. The easiest way to farm EXP and level up the characters.

How to Farm 450 plus EXP

The easiest way to gain more EXP is killing enemies and bosses, but once you are done with them you have to take down smaller enemies and collect smaller exp. Here we will show you how to farm more than 200 EXP at one single place. You need to be at least level 5+ to participate in this EXP farming activity. So let’s begin with it without any further ado.

How to Farm EXP

The Trick here is that you need to take down one of the Boss in the fight and rest the area after saving it. For example, you choose to fight Auto Chipper which can be found at the north of the map. If you defeat him you will gain 200 EXP and then save and the reset which will reload in the boss will also reload and you can farm them.

You get tons of EXP if you keep repeating this process of Killing bosses and resetting the game. There is also another boss named Bouncer and he is a giant snowman with Gatling gun arms found at the During Fields area. He will reward you 450 EXP if you defeat him.

So level up your characters faster with the help of this farming technique. Make sure you are ready to take the higher level Bosses before you initiate the fight. Enjoy.