How to Farm Amrita And Level Up Faster in Nioh


In the Nioh, Amrita is considered as the currency which can be used to purchase different items and level up and Upgrade stats of your character at the Shrine. The Amrita can be acquired by killing monsters and completing different objectives like opening chests, offering weapons etc. The following guide shows how to farm Amrita in the game.

Nioh Amrita Tips

Amrita Farming and Level Up faster in Nioh:

You need to complete different objectives like killing monsters, destroying objects, opening chests, completing objectives, offering weapon and armor at the Shrine etc in order to gain Amrita. If you get killed then you will respawn at the last Shrine you prayed with zero Amrita so it is a better idea to spend Amrita frequently.

To get the access for this method, you need to defeat the boss in the Isle of Demon which unlocks the second mission. Now proceed through the first room into the second larger room and go to the room in the right side. Keep going until you find a precarious ledge and turn left and follow the path to reach a hot spring and a Shrine nearby. From there head inside the room on the right to find three Yokai, kill them to get 1,100 Amrita and head back to the Shrine and play then repeat the process to earn around 120,000 Amrita in the early game.

You need to complete a sub mission of finding a sword called Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe from the cave under the Mountain of Nakatsu, given by the Kuroda Nagamasa. You need to kill the Yokia holding this sword to get the sword and also there are few yokai with glowing backs, kill them to find some loot along with Amrita and Gold. You can repeat this sub mission about five times which takes few minutes and can earn about 50,000 Amrita along with Gold. This is good method to earn in early game.