How To Farm Glory Faster in Nioh


In the Nioh, Glory is the special currency which is used to purchase different items, equipment at the Hidden Teahouse, which is unlocked after completing Mission Spider Nest Castle. You can also use Glory to purchase skin and gestures for your character. The Glory can be mainly earned by killing enemies called Revenant. The following guide shows how to farm Glory in the game.

Easy Way of Glory Forming early in Nioh:

The main way of farming Glory is by killing the different yokai and soldiers etc in the game. When you are progressing through the game in Online Mode, you will come across a sword sticking out to the ground surrounded by the red aura which acts like the grave of the player that died at that place. When you reach this Red sword, you will be able to see the level and the equipment of the phantom so you can choose whether to summon the phantom or not.

You need to hold down the O at these graves in order to summon the phantom then you will see an AI controlled enemy called Revenant. Once you defeat these Revenants, you can collect the equipment of the Revenant, Glory and also Ochoko cups, which can be used to summon friends to co-op play.

The best way to farm lots of Glory is to play through the Isle of Demons, which is the second mission in the game. In this mission, you will come across many graves as many players die repeatedly. You can earn more Glory if you are playing in the Online Mode as you can summon the phantoms of the other players. You can also summon Revenants offline which are created by the developers, on defeating which you can earn Glory and equipment etc.