How To Fast Travel – Final Fantasy XV

 How To Fast Travel – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV supports Fast Travel feature. In this guide, I am going to show you how to use the Fast Travel feature in Final Fantasy XV. Before starting, I would like to put forward my views on why you should avoid using the game’s Fast Travel feature in your first playthrough.

Fast Travel - Final Fantasy XV

It is one of the most tempting feature, use it and reach from one location to other in no time, but surely you will be missing out on a lot of thing during this process. The feel and experience of watching Noctis and his friend drive from place to place in the Regalia, a true Road trip feeling. Anyways if you still want to use it then follow the steps provided below.

Fast Travel in Final Fantasy XV

Fast Travel is possible at any parking point that has already been visited by the Regalia. By parking the car at a parking point in locations such as Hammerhead or Galdin, that area will then be available for travel to from then on. Rest stops and car parks by the road are made available for fast travel simply by passing by them.

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