How to fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Get from one place to another using Disney magic.

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Fast travel is perhaps the most common mechanic that you can find in any game nowadays, so it is no surprise that Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to utilize a fast travel system. Of course, there won’t be much fast traveling at the start of the game, but after a while, you will be fast traveling everywhere. You just need to get some biomes unlocked. This guide covers how the fast travel system works in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel guide

Fast travel isn’t a feature you need to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can fast-travel from the start of the game when you only have access to the plaza and meadow biomes. To fast travel, you need to access your map menu by pressing the start button, options button, or plus button on your controller. This menu can also be accessed by pressing the ESC key on PC.

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In the map menu, locate one of the wells that you currently have access to. The wells are marked with a purple symbol on the map, like in the image above. Select the icon, and you will automatically get teleported to the well as long as you have it unlocked. At the start of the game, you will only be able to fast travel to the plaza.

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After restoring the well in the meadow, you will start unlocking other biomes. In each of these other biomes, you can contact Scrooge McDuck via the sign next to the wells. He will charge you a small fee to unlock the well so you can use it for fast traveling.