How to Fast Travel in Need for Speed 2015

Need for Speed 2015: BMW M3 E46

Fast Travel is teleporting to a certain location in no time and in Need for Speed 2015 if you’re done with free roam and you want to hunt for few races or continue with the story mission you can directly jump to that location with Fast Travel. Here is how you Fast Travel in Need For Speed 2015.

Need For Speed

How to Fast Travel

In Need for Speed 2015, the game doesn’t really show you the procedure to fast travel across the city. By the end of this guide, you’ll learn how to fast travel to any location in Ventura Bay. Starting with the City Map, open the city map and select which race event or story mission you want to continue with.

Once you done selecting the Event, you’ll normal click on Route to set the route to that particular location, but if you haven’t noticed the click right on the stick which will prompt if you want to teleport so select ‘Yes’ and you’ll be teleported to that very location.

Now that the Fast Travel is unlocked you can have fun and you’ll have to deal less with the cops on your way to the location. If you have anything to add then shoot them below in the comment section.