How to find Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Loyce Knight Allies, Location guide for PC, PlayStation and Xbox


The Dark souls 2: Ivory King seems bit challenging and you cannot handle it on your own. You cannot win a battle alone. Allies, comes into our mind to increase our strength and make us ferocious.

So let me help you guys find allies for overcoming challenges with ease. These knights will help you perform various tasks and might even save your life. The Knights will fight and close the portals for you. Let’s explore the path that will lead to your allies. Don’t hesitate to take help from allies before you lose them.

Dark Souls 2: Ivory King

To get the Loyce knights you need to defeat Ava, the King’s Pet and gain access to the Grand Cathedral. The Knights can be used around the Frozen Eleum Loyce and the number of knights are three. The important question is how to kill King’s Pet?

Pet can be killed with Eye of Priestess that makes pet visible; you can find it after passing Abandoned Dwelling bonfire in the tower kept in open-air tomb with light. Alsanna will help you in destroying ice barriers blocking paths to the Loyce knights.

All you need to do is accept her offer and you can find her inside the Cathedral. Loyce Knights will help you conquer the battle for you.

How to find Dark Souls 2: Ivory King Loyce Knight Allies

Loyce Knight: Location 1

After walking through the new path, tower to right. The sight of whole city engulfed by ice can be seen, use a lift to reach there. Huge iron gates block your way, using lever in right interior building you can open it. Before passing through the iron gates you will find Lower Garrison bonfire.

Now you will enter the cave, there you will fight with Glutton Demon. You will exit the cave With several Golems. Enter the lift to reach the end of broken bridge. Create a shortcut across bridge by attacking snowball. You will come across a room with the knight inside it.

Loyce Knight: Location 2

The third location to find the knight is, you need to start from the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire moving with usable ballista up the snowy hills. The area looks familiar, then that means you have been there before and the ice obstructions vanished.

Destination is not far, move downstairs without taking any turn. The ground floor will have a door which will lead to small building guarded by knight, open it and join the knight who is sitting there.

Loyce Knight: Location 3

Finding the knights is not an easy task. To find one of the three knights, you need to start from the Inner Wall bonfire and through the large lever door take a right. A treasure chest surrounded by three Golems can be seen upstairs after going through Golem room.

With two more Golems move down by crossing bridge. You will come across a big door; after pushing it open,a large room with a knight sitting in a chair can be seen. Get to him and he will use a portal to reach the Grand cathedral Old chaos entrance.