How to find Destiny Spirit Bloom, Farming Guide for PlayStation and Xbox

 How to find Destiny Spirit Bloom, Farming Guide for PlayStation and Xbox

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A Spirit Bloom is an upgrade material that can be harvested on Venus. Venus is the only place where you can get the Spirit Bloom. Spirit Bloom has three balls surrounded by glowing green light.It can be found either through loot chests or from the environment. It can be attached to a plants, leaves or floating in mid air so search properly. You can also find them in the Loot Chests inside the rooms.


In Destiny, you can do many things. It has a First-person view single player storyline game and also the mulitplayer option with playing friends. There are some items that are hard and rare to find in this game, and we will help you in finding them by giving you the location info and for what the item could be useful.

How to find Destiny Spirit Bloom:

Find Roni 55-30 at the Tower in the Tower Hangar. 50 Spirit Blooms can be traded with Roni 55-30 for a Spirit Bloom upgrade and gain Glimmer, Vanguard Honor, and Vanguard Marks. With every trade you make you will get +25 Vanguard Reputation and 5 Vanguard Marks. To upgrade “The Stranger Rifle” you need the Spirit Bloom.

To get the Spirit Bloom players need to go to the Patrol mission on Venus. As you reach Venus make your way to the Ishtar commons. You will see a never ending fight between the Vex and the Fallen. You can fight or not, its your choice, Just move around the Area searching for them or check the small, dark rooms along the outer walls for the chest. Keep on doing this process repeatedly, keep on looking you will find them again and again.

Here is a video on How to find Destiny Spirit Bloom: