How to find Remote Electrical Charge gadget in Batman: Arkham knight

 How to find Remote Electrical Charge gadget in Batman: Arkham knight

There are two hidden gadgets in Batman Arkham Knight and as you progress your game in Story mode you unlock most of the Batman’s gadgets. But Remote Electrical Charge is a weapon that will not be unlocked with mission or side missions. It’s a Hidden gadget in Arkham Knight. Here is the guide how to get the hidden gadget ‘Remote Electrical Charge’ in Batman Arkham Knight.

What does the Remote Electrical Charge do?

Remote Electrical Charge is a hidden weapon which delivers a high-voltage charge to shock the enemies. You can use it to activate or deactivate generators and electrical types of equipment. This is one of the useful weapons in Batman Arkham Knight.

Where can I find the Remote Electrical Charge?

The Remote Electrical Charge is hidden in the Bleake Island under GCPD Prisoner Detention building. You can use the Batmobile to go inside GCPD Prisoner Detention building’s basement. Find the Communication room by passing all the prisoners. Talk to the Sergeant McAllister and then exit the room. Now you go to the evidence room and break the glass to find & collect the Remote Electrical Charge.

Hint: Use your Detective mode you can see it glowing.

Hope this guide was helpful. If you know of any other special new Gadgets in this final Batman: Arkham game you can comment below.