How to find Roblox Sex Games | Roblox Adult Games Guide

They do actually exist.

Image via Roblox

While Roblox is mainly aimed at kids, and this is exactly how Roblox Corporation likes it, there are still developers out there who like to try and make a riskier kind of game and host it on the platform. Remember, Roblox is really just a way for teams or solo developers to create their own games and get them to people, after all.

While Roblox prefers the platform host mostly PG work, the enormous size of it and the number of games on making checking them all extremely difficult. As such, more adult-themed games can slip through the cracks for a while.

To find these games, players can search the term “sent_cons” in the search bar. This is a code that the sex game developers will use to help people find their games, without containing obvious profanity or related words that will have the games pop up in searches.

Now, many sex games on Roblox won’t last long. Despite trying to hide on the platform, they will still be found or reported and end up getting removed. Some of them, however, can stick around for a while.

For parents who might be concerned that their children are finding or playing inappropriate content for their ages group, Roblox is generally pretty good about finding this type of game and removing it. This is especially true giving the size of the service. Second, the games tend to fall into the “comedy” bracket rather than being anything too x-rated.

There can also be some other adult themes hidden through these games, more explicit violence and elements like that which some folks out there may not want their kids to see. This is largely why many parents like the Roblox platform, as it tends to be more focused on younger age groups and does a pretty good job of policing the content that is on the platform.