How to Fix Alien: Isolation Black Screen Issue, DirectX 11 not found error, Stuttering issues and more for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Alien: Isolation takes you to the future, where you you play the role of Amanda who is fighting to survive and complete the mission that she was sent to complete. PC games has some or the other problem with them and we try to solve them for you. The list below is the problem with DierctX 11, Stuttering, Black screen, FOV and Flashlight. If you have any better solution to the problem please share with us.

Alien: Isolation

How to fix Alien: Isolation DirectX 11 not found Issue

If you see this error each time you try to load the game, make sure that you have DirectX 11, check this by using the dxdiag. If the problem persists, you will want to replace your graphics card.

How to fix Alien: Isolation Stuttering problem

Make sure your refresh rate is not more than 60Hz and also unplug any unused USB peripherals connected.

How to fix Alien: Isolation Black Screen Issue

This happens because of the resolution problem, so when you see a black screen with sounds in the background on the startup just adjust your systems resolution and refresh rate. Adjust the resolution by first pressing Alt+Enter to get out of the windowed mode.

How to Increase Alien: Isolation FOV

The default FOV of Alien: Isolation is 75 though you can change it or increase it. Here are some steps to follow if you want to increase the Alien: Isolation FOV. First, find the file in Alien Isolation > DATA folder by the name of ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML. Open the file using a text editor and find the following lines:

<setting name=”Field Of View”>

<quality name=”47″ float=”47.0″ precedence=”7″></quality>

<quality name=”50″ float=”50.0″ precedence=”6″></quality>

<quality name=”55″ float=”55.0″ precedence=”5″></quality>

<quality name=”60″ float=”60.0″ precedence=”4″></quality>

<quality name=”65″ float=”65.0″ precedence=”3″></quality>

<quality name=”70″ float=”70.0″ precedence=”2″></quality>


You can change the numbers of FOV to 100 or whatever you like from the second line.

How to fix Alien: Isolation Flashlight Issue

The players have reported that the flashlight in the game’s initial stage doesn’t work properly. The error might be in the development of the game. The problem wont occur in the other stages.