How to fix Alien: Isolation Out of Range error, Controller issues, Crash after boot issues and more for PC, PlayStation and Xbox


Alien: Isolation a game made from a movie Alien in the seventies. The game is all about surviving from the one enemy Alien on that ship. The was released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The requirement of the system by the game has to be fulfilled first then buy the any game. The problem likes skipping video, crashing, controller problem and error solution is given below.

Alien: Isolation

How to Skip Alien: Isolation Intro Videos

If it gets boring to watching the same video again and again just get rid of it by following this simple step.

  • Go to SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATAUIMOVIES. Once in the folder find and delete “.” from the following files:




How to fix Alien: Isolation crashing for Nvidia Users

The users who are using driver version 344.11 especially has this kind of issues. Update your driver to the latest version to fix this problem.

How to fix Alien: Isolation crashing after few minutes Issue

The users are reporting that the game crashes after few minutes after booting up. To fix this just turn off the Vsync and reboot your system.

How to fix Alien: Isolation Out of Range error

Even after you have the requested system by the game you are getting this errors, then the problem might be in the refresh rate of your system. Just change your display setting to default and then start the game.

How to fix Alien: Isolation game controller issues

USB game controller is what you are using and it suddenly stops responding then try downloading the drivers or insert CD of that controller and run it.