How to fix Battlefield: Hardline Beta Low FPS Issue, Cannot find Beta On PS4 and Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Issue

Battlefield: Hardline Beta is now live for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in North America, Australia, Europe, the UK and South Africa. The Beta which has started today will end on 8th February 2015.

The Battlefield: Hardline Beta has arrived with its share of issues and errors. So go through this guide on how to fix Battlefield: Hardline Beta issues and errors:

Battlefield: Hardline Beta

How to fix Battlefield: Hardline Beta Low FPS Issue

If you are not happy with the FPS figure at which Battlefield: Hardline Beta is running then you can change the number and start playing the game. Just follow these steps to change the FPS figure.

All you have to do is:

  • Open a text editor and punchin the following

perfoverlay.drawfps 1

gametime.maxvariablefps 61

  • Go go files and select Save As
  • Select all files and save it as user.cfg in the game’s directory

How to fix Battlefield: Hardline Beta Not found on PS4 Issue

If you are among the many gamers who have not started playing the Hardline Beta simply because you cannot find it on your PS4, do not worry at all. Follow these simple steps and be ready for playing the Beta on your gaming beast.

  • Create new account
  • Select New Zealand as your country
  • Finish and verify email

If you are not happy with selecting another country then try these steps

  • Go to PSN Store > Games > New/New This Month

And you are done, Battlefield: Hardline Beta will now be available on the list for you to enjoy!

How to fix Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Issue

Many of the gamers are confused with this issue as they can see various download and installed percentage on various screens of their game but are eventually stuck at some point as their game is either not installed or not downloaded even if they completed the action.

If you have downloaded and installed the main campaign, and if you have started playing it without downloading the DLC content then you might get this issue.

All you need to do is before starting the game select it and go to options, here you will see the actual download information. Complete any pending processes and then play your game.