How to fix Destiny Boar and Bull Error Codes and more For PlayStation and Xbox

 How to fix Destiny Boar and Bull Error Codes and more For PlayStation and Xbox

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Here you will find solutions for the most common errors occurring in Destiny. Just scroll through and you will find the solution for the Destiny error you are getting. If your error is way different than those mentioned here, the last resort would be getting in touch with the official support.


How to fix Destiny Boar Error Code

The Boar error is likely to occur on the PS3, it means there is a region mismatch between the account and the Destiny game. Here are the steps to solve the Boar error.

  • First of all, install the copy of Destiny, but do not launch the game.
  • Create a new PSN account and make sure that you use the same region that the copy of Destiny is of.
  • Now launch Destiny and download the update
  • You can now sign out of this account and into your original PSN account
  • Launch the game

If the problem persists reinstall the game, if that dosent work, check for issues with your hardware. Contact the Customer Support as the last resort.

How to fix Destiny Bull Error Code

The error code bull simply means that the current user has been signed out. You must exit the game and relaunch for a new user.

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