How to Fix Destiny Centipede Error PS4 Xbox One

 How to Fix Destiny Centipede Error PS4 Xbox One

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After the launch of Destiny, the one error code which is creating havoc is Error Code: Centipede. Here is a guide to solve the Destiny Centipede Error. The very first step in getting rid of the Centipede Error Code in Destiny is configuring your NAT (Network address translation) settings. There are three types of NAT.


  • Open or Type 1 NAT
  • Moderate or Type 2 NAT
  • Strict or Type 3 NAT

Destiny also needs the following ports to be open on your home or institutional network from the firewall:

  • 7500-17899 (TCP)


  • 30000-40399 (TCP)


  • 35000-35099 (UDP)

Inbound and Outbound

  • 3074 (UDP)

Inbound and Outbound

Watch this video to Fix NAT settings for PS4 and Xbox One:

To solve the Destiny Centipede Error:

Destiny Centipede Error is mainly occurring due to a very high number of players engaging in this game, but be rest assured, Centipede is not caused due to any error at your end. In the meantime here are a few instructions to try and fix the Destiny Centipede Error:

  • Try to refresh the activity that you were into, before you saw this error.
  • If you are repetitively getting this error, wait for some time as the developers must be trying to fix this error and must be in the middle of trying to get a solution.


After the patch went live, many players encountered some never before seen error codes. This was largely due to Bungie splitting off a number of errors previously grouped under CENTIPEDE into different categories to make them more granular. This process is required to help us expedite investigations and fixes.