How to Fix Error 68 on a Xbox 360 Hard Drive

You are playing your faviourite game on your Xbox 360 and suddenly you encounter that that the screen of your Xbox 360 turn
black and your hard is continously flashing a red light.

There are following reason for this error:

  • It occur sometime when Xbox 360 is in booting process
  • When sufficient power require by Xbox 360 Hard Disc is not their.

Step 1: First thing just power off your Xbox 360 and wait for sometime(5 minute) and than just unplug all the necessary peripherals and accessories attach to it.

Step 2:
Now you will be require to remove the hard disk, remove it by pressing the latch in downward, this latch is situated on the front of the console. After you remove your hard disk

Step 3: Now Swich ON your Xbox 360 and check if your problem get resolve or not.

Step 4: Put any one new game in to Xbox 360, doing this will get your hard disk upgrade its software which is also might be reason for this Error 68.