How to fix Evolve Crashes, Low FPS and Lagging issues, Startup and Missing .dll errors, Input Not supported error and more

 How to fix Evolve Crashes, Low FPS and Lagging issues, Startup and Missing .dll errors, Input Not supported error and more

An exciting new multiplayer game from Turtle Rock Studio, Evolve has finally arrived. This game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, pitting four player-controlled Hunters against an alien Monster, controlled by a fifth player. Both Hunters and Monsters can use unique abilities during the game.

Evolve has a its share of bugs and errors scattered here and there but dont worry, we are well equipped with the most simplest solutions!


How to fix Evolve Issues and Errors:

How to fix Evolve Crash Issues

This solution is for random type of crashes in this game, like after a cave fight or when taking screenshots, etc… So as customary, update all your drivers, also try adjusting your screen resolution to Game resolution.

Missing .dll File error

When ever you get an error saying that a particular .dll file is missing, you need to download and install that file from a legit source. Then run the game, it should work well.

How to fix Evolve Low FPS and Lagging issues

To get rid of all the unsatisfactory low FPS and lagging issues, you just need to edit the system.cfg and copy paste

sys_maxfps = 60

Note: Making changes to the system.cfg file might result in Ban or suspension, be careful!

How to fix Evolve Startup issues, missing .exe file

Few of the people are not able to enjoy this game because it just wouldn’t start. The very first solution is to verify the integrity of Game cache files. If this did not work be rest assured and follow these simple steps to get your game started:

  • Exit all the errors you are getting and close Steam
  • Go to Steam installation folder
  • Look for a folder named “appcache” and delete it
  • Restart your machine and just enjoy the game!

How to fix Evolve “Input Not supported” Error

Players may come across this error if they have made changes to the resolution. The most simplest solution is to set the desktop resolution similar to in-game resolution figures.

Another odd but surprisingly helpful solution would be moving your cursor around for a few seconds.

How to fix Evolve.exe stopped working Error

If your game completely crashes and you get the above mentioned error then you need to follow these steps to get rid of the error and run the game smoothly:

  • Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 from a legit source
  • Run Evolve as Administrator
  • Navigate to Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common
  • Now right click on neptuniarebirth1
  • Select Troubleshoot compatibility
  • Use Service Pack 3
  • Now download and install Msvcp110.dll from a legit source
  • Place it into the Root directory of Evolve