How to fix fatal errors in Magic Duels:Origins

Magic Duels is a successor of the earlier video game Magic: The Gathering. It is a popular card game with story mode which covers the origin story of five of the game’s Planeswalkers. With the Game release, there were many Fatal errors and the game started to lag. Here is the guide to to fix the fatal issue for the Magic Duels: Origins.

 Magic Duels Orgin

How to Fix the Fatal Errors in Magic Duels Origin?

Fatal errors are caused due to some missing updates for graphic card or with the system itself. Firstly, just check and confirm whether your graphic card is up-to-date. If the graphic card is not the issue then follow the below steps to check the system issue.


  • Go to Control panel -> System and Security -> Windows Updates -> Optional Updates


  • Install the Windows KB2670838 update.

Step 3:

  • Reboot the Computer and launch the game.

This should work. If not then you must try to un-install and re-install the Magic Duels Origins to make the system update work.

Hope this guide was useful and you no more face any fatal errors. If so then please paste your error with error code in the comments below.