How to fix FIFA 15 Crashes, Stuttering issues, ultimate team issue, .net framework error for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo


From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to the German Bundesliga and more FIFA 15 offers you. The best footballing experience on a gaming console. But there are some issues in the game. Some of the issues are given below with their solution read it and solve your issue.


How to fix FIFA 15’s Crashing after the logo is clicked issue

This crashing might be because of the outdated drives on your system. Just uninstall them and reinstall the updated version the that driver.

How to fix FIFA 15’s Stuttering issue

It is the most common issue that FIFA players faces. Install the latest drivers for your GPU in your PC and if you have SLI/Crossfire activated just disable it.

How to fix FIFA 15’s accessibility to FUT companion app on mobile

You can’t do anything about it since it is a beta version of the game. All you can do is just wait for the full version of the game cause the FIFA 15 companion app has been taken down at the moment.

How to fix FIFA 15’s .net framework error

Players are asking about the error of .net framework and if you are one of them the best you can do for now is to install the latest version of .net framework in your system.

How to fix FIFA 15 ultimate team issue

Problem accessing the FIFA 15 ultimate team, you should check for connectivity issue first, All the ports required are open and since the game is a beta version, you should just restart your game and try it again.