How to Fix Infinite Crisis Startup issues, Graphic issues, Connection error, Issues with co-op, Errors and more

Recent;y released Infinite Crisis is the game all the chaos and mayhem is! It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics.

Infinite Crisis

In Infinite Crisis, players assume the role of a character called “champion”, each with a set of unique abilities, battling with a team against other players or computer-controlled champions.

Infinite Crisis came with its fair share of bugs and errors, we have listed a few below. Tell us in the comments section if you come across more.

Game startup issues

If Infinite Crisis is crashing after launch, you need to make a few changes in the settings for Windows. Go to Properties by right clicking on the launch icon. From the compatibility tab select “Run as Admin” and “Execute program under compatibility mode”

Select Windows Service Pack 3 > Apply

Now launch Infinite Crisis, the game should work well now.

Launch issues

If you are having launching troubles with Infinite Crisis, you can directly try to launch the game from its main directory. The main directory is where the .exe file of the game is located. Look for the .exe of this game where you have installed Infinite Crisis on your PC.

How to Fix 80070002 Error

Your anti-virus is triggering this error, disable it while playing the game. The right click on the Infinite Crisis icon and select “Run as Administrator”

How to Fix Network Error: 99

To get rid of this error all you have to do use administrator settings for launching TurbineLauncher.exe

Graphic issues

If you are having troubles with the graphics of this game you need to play it on low settings. You can do so by going to the Preferences of Infinite Crisis.

How to fix Recover failed. Error 0x8004301c

Be sure that the following files are not blocked by anti-virus or firewall:

  • Turbineclientlauncher.exe
  • Turbinebrowswer.exe,
  • infinitecrisis.exe
  • Turbinelauncher.exe

Infinite Crisis appears blurry

Follow these steps to get clear visuals

Go to My Documents > Userpreferences.ini

Edit in a word editor and set MaxScenePixelCount=0

Connection error: Failed to connect to server. Connection attempt was aborted by the user

Scan your system with the help of an anti-virus and then go to

  • Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab
  • Go to Lan settings
  • Disable active settings

Issues with Multiplayer

End your current session and try to see if the Firewall accepts UDP ports 5000-5036. This will solve the error.

Mouse pointer issues

You will mostly come across these kind of issues if you are using a mobile phone or tablet to play Infinite Crisis. To get rid of the issue go to Preferences menu and select Auto detect graphics settings.