How to fix PlayStation 4 Pro Loud Fan Noise

PlayStation 4 is designed to be quieter, but consumes more power compared to its predecessor. But due to constant playing games and overheating issue, the fan can make noise inside casing. There are certain common fixes you can try out below, but if this does not help, then try taking it to the official service center. If the console is brand new and it is making noise, then chances are that it might be having some internal fault. Many users around the web have reported that new consoles are working pretty well even on high end game settings.

PlayStation 4 Pro Noise Troubleshooting

Method 1: – Avoid 4K Resolution if not needed.

PS4 Pro reported to get hotter on playing 4K content. You can test this for a while, if the fan is making noise on 4K settings push it to the lower one, or turn off the console after a few hours of gameplay. Officially the console has no provision for temperature test inside.

Note: It is not confirmed if PS4 Pro melts due to overheating, it has been reported by only few users, could be fake or due to other reasons than 4k Gaming.

Usually any hardware damage due to overheating, is not covered under manufacturer’s official warranty.

Method 2: – Good Ventilation will help

Avoid keeping anything that blocks the fan ventilator of the console. It would be great to have a AC air flow direct to the console back, which will reduce much impact on the internal fan, and keep the console cooler for longer time.

Method 3: – Fan Replacement

Carry it to the official service center if the noise persist on regular resolution also, not just 4K. Ask for a fan replacement, the existing one might not be functioning well enough to draw out max heat. Thus it is creating a noise, new consoles does not make much sound, but on 4K when higher amount of processing power is consume, more heat is generated.

Method 4: – Housekeeping

Many vacuum cleaners come with air suction adjustments. Keep it on low and use it at the back side and openings of console to clean dust clogging from inside. Take care, don’t run powerful vacuum suction it can damage internal components.

So this is some general things you can do, but the priority must be to take the console to official service center, for a fan replacement, it can be a internal hardware problem that cause so much heating. Do share your comments if you found something that can help others.